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Engage External Partners and Employees To Examine and Address DEI

June 2020
To provide leadership, oversight and accountability for PHMC’s DEI work, PHMC established the DEI Governing Council and hired external consultants, Dr. Brian Gittens and ICW Consulting.
June 2020 - present
The Council serves in an advisory capacity and Dr. Gittens and ICW provide strategic counsel, guidance and assessment to inform PHMC’s DEI planning.
February - March 2021
More than 700 PHMC and subsidiary employees shared critical input on their insights and experiences with DEI at PHMC, which helps to shape and inform DEI plans.
March - June 2021
Employees reflected on PHMC’s practices and environments regarding DEI through conversation with each other, facilitated by ICW Consulting.
January 2022 - present
Employees have been invited to join the DEI Governing Council and employee advisory groups to amplify voices from across PHMC.


Integrate DEI into the “Fabric of PHMC” Culture and Operations

June 2020
DEI is a foundational piece of PHMC’s strategic plan, supporting its four plan pillars, alongside Quality and Performance Improvement.
June 2020 - present
DEI news and updates are included at the top of each PHMC Board Meeting, Senior Management Team and all company Town Hall meeting agendas.
June 2020 - present
PHMC employees receive ongoing, consistent communication on organizational DEI efforts and upcoming activities.
July 2020
A DEI page was created and is updated regularly, outlining updates and resources for employees.
DEI capacity will be added to the organization by recruiting, hiring and onboarding a new employee on PHMC’s senior management team.


Review Current Policies & Practices and Develop New Policies to Eliminate Bias and Ensure Equity

June 2020
PHMC formally recognizes Juneteenth as a permanent holiday by closing non-service delivery operations and providing direct service employees with an additional day off to use at their choosing.
August 2020
The working/living hourly wage was increased across PHMC, implemented in advance of the City’s timeline.
August 2020
HR, in partnership with an external employment law consultant, conducted a comprehensive review of hiring, promotion, and leave policies and practices to ensure equity and eliminate bias.
June 2021
This policy outlines guidelines on gender pronoun use and integrates pronouns into PHMC’s branded email signature template.
July 2021 - present
PHMC opened a gender-neutral restroom in its headquarters at 1500 Market Street and has committed to gender neutral restrooms in all new location construction and programming.
September 2021
PHMC is using a new approach to interviewing and hiring for Manager-level positions and above that incorporates feedback from a diverse set of panelists.


Advance Equity in Surrounding Communities

June 2020
The Public Health Fund approved a 2-year, $250,000 grant to Black Lives Matter Philly, Philadelphia OIC, Philadelphia Urban League, Big Brothers Big Sisters (Independence Region), Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, and a dedicated PHMC DEI Fund to support our ongoing DEI work.
September 2020
PHMC updated its Supplier Diversity plan to better promote opportunities for diverse and typically disadvantaged business owners and to strengthen ties with communities we serve.
August 2021
PHMC joined other City leaders to call for the Chamber of Commerce to support raising the minimum wage in a Philadelphia Tribune op-ed.


Provide DEI-Related Professional Development and Increase DEI Dialogue among Employees

October 2020 - March 2021
More than 1500 employees attended an unconscious bias training.
June 2020 - present
The DEI Governing Council initiates panel discussions with internal and external audiences to create information sharing and employee discussion on topics such as racism, cultural stereotyping and DEI perspectives in public health and health care.
January 2022 – January 2023
PHMC introduced a mentorship program for employees to be paired with seasoned PHMC and subsidiary employees for skill and strategy building, networking and other insights to inform and support professional development at PHMC.
The DEI Governing Council is partnering with the LGBTQ+ employee group to host a training for employees.


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